Competitive advantages of the region

Advantages of the region:

  • Favorable geographical location (bordering the Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation, as well as the Caspian Sea with Iran, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, located in the transport corridor connecting Eastern Europe and the Transcaucasian countries with the Central Asian region and the People's Republic of China);
  • The region accounts for about 25% (5.7 trillion KZT in 2017) of industrial production of the RK, of which the extractive sector is 5.1 trillion. tons;
  • Rich mineral and raw materials base (there are 88 oil fields in the region, which makes up 73% of the country's hydrocarbon raw materials and 21 free deposits of common mineral resources);
  • One of the lowest tariff policy for gas and electric power for legal entities, 17.7 tenge per 1 cubic meter and 17.96 tenge per 1 kW respectively;
  • The presence of the FEZ "National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark" with a total area of 3.4 thousand hectares, in the territory of which in the next 5 years it is planned to implement 15 large oil and gas chemical projects for a total amount of more than 15 billion dollars;
  • The number of entities is 55 thousand units, employing more than 121.5 thousand people, which is 40.1% of the economically active population of the region;
  • The population as of January 1, 2018 was 620.5 thousand people (an increase of 26.8% over 10 years).

The main economic indicators of the region

The main branches of the regional economy, which form a significant part of the GRP, are the mining industry, oil refining, machine building, trade, and construction.

In the structure of industry in 2017, the share of the mining sector was 88%, manufacturing - 10.8%, others - 1.2%.

The name of indicators

2007 year

Multiplicity of growth over 10 years

The value of indicators for the year 2017

The share of the region in the republic for 2017


Population, thousand people.






Volume of industrial production, million tenge

1 415 800


5 676 100



Volume of manufacturing products, mln. Tenge

127 100


491 900



Gross agricultural production, million tenge

12 851


62 700



Investments in fixed assets, mln. Tenge

764 400


2 456 500



Volume of construction works, mln. Tenge

176 500


563 700



The volume of retail trade, million tenge

49 007


257 777


Resource and raw materials potential of Atyrau region

In 2017, the volume of production in the mining industry amounted to 5121.4 billion tenge and increased compared to the previous year by 20.8%.

The basis of the mining industry is the extraction of oil and gas, sand and salts. 

Production of 42.3 million tons of oil and 20.9 billion cubic meters of associated petroleum gas, respectively, 125.6% and 131.3% compared to 2016.

"Tengizchevroil" LLP produced 28.7 million tons of oil, or 104.1% of the level of 2016, gas associated petroleum - 15.7 billion cubic meters (104.4%).

In “Embamunaigas” JSC oil production amounted to 2.8 million tons (100.3%), gas associated petroleum - 199.7 million cubic meters (104.5%).

Company "NCOC" produced 8.3 million tons of oil and 4.9 billion cubic meters of gas associated petroleum.

The mining industry is concentrated mainly in 5 districts of the oblast: Zhyloy, Makat, Kyzylkoga, Isatay and Kurmangazy districts.

109 deposits of minerals have been explored in the region. For investors, there are 21 free deposits (construction and technological raw materials).

The most promising in the opinion of experts are the following:

1.      Deposits of expanded clay (Makat district), reserves - 49.86 million cubic meters;

2.      Deposits of gypsum (Inder №98), forecasted resources - 151.19 million cubic meters.